Monday, 9 February 2015

LAHIRI THE WINNER MAY BANK OPEN GOLF -Vipassana,Yoga,Family and all around me Helped me

Now a big time golfer among the top 40 Lahri is  one who is guided by the basic in life No complicated stuff Just eat ,meditate, yoga, and,  play No burden with all other modern ways of practice nor training

That had been the tradition of all indian sportsmen and women,.
This the third Indian to win the huge Golfing event  in Asia.Others were Arjun Atwal won twice,Jeev and now Lahiri an inspiration to all Indian Golfers where facilite to play Golf is rudimentary.
Well done Lahir .Damaru Golf is saluting you and wishing you walking well to masters soon.

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Lahiri wins malaysia maybank open golf in style

all four days  of gallery see your self there


Damaru Golf- Malaysia  for better golf

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