Thursday, 18 February 2016

Malaysia Boleh @ Maybank Championship 2016 DAY ONE 18-2-2016

Maybank  Championship gave opportunity they made use of  it well  well done fr more go----------------------------------

the tiny fella now a grown up professional Low Khai Jei

Low Khai Jei few months ago he was an amture wiing PGM tour events sacrificing the money for Joy of playing a relaxed game.Today at professional game he continue with the same relaxed mood. Smile  yet focussed BLASTING 260 YARD DRIVES DEAD CENTER

The tiny boy, Damaru Golf introduced to the golfing world about six years ago as a prominent, budding Malaysian golfer is bearing fruits. He was the leading Malaysian player at the half-way mark of today (after 18 holes). Despite his tiny size and childish manners, he is extremely crafty on the course with his short game. He drives 260 yards and always with an eternal smile. He seems to not understand the word tension despite total focus inside the mind.

Image result for image of shaban hussain golfer malaysiaShabahn  BEST MALAYSIAN Shaaban HUSSIN (MAS) -5

At the end of the day, Shaaban Hussin - the Kampung Boy - the locally-grown golfer - took the limelight among Malaysian golfers with a -5 leaving him just 2 strokes away from the leader. He too is a relaxed golfer with no muscles but sheer talent of striking the ball. He doesn’t bother about trying to understand the so-called sophisticated techniques. He just whacks the balls with joy. That is the essential element of true golf, after all it is only a game played for joy. Other factors are just bonuses. With such a mind, it is difficult to understand why he may not deliver his best at the end of the tournament. We wish both of these Malaysian players the best as they are fine illustrations of local golf.  
De Silva

Shaaban HUSSIN (MAS) -5
Kenneth DE SILVA (MAS) 68
Nicholas FUNG (MAS) 70
Wilson CHOO (MAS) -1
Airil Rizman ZAHARI (MAS) 72
Ben LEONG (MAS) 73
Mohd Iylia JAMIL (MAS) 73

Gavin GREEN (MR. Nachimuthu (MAS) 74
KHOR Kheng Hwai (MAS) 75
Ervin CHANG (A) (MAS) 75
Sukree OTHMAN (MAS) +4
Danny CHIA (MAS) 76
Arie Irawan (MAS) 77


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