Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Royal Selangor Golf Course After re development for Maybank Championship 2016

Probably paspalum grass on the Greens Cut and Rolled. They are fast may be A speed of 12 will they be consistent in all 18 holes? Hoping is the answer given by Pros as they experience fast green at the practice green near the club house

Damaru Golf  

Royal Selangor Golf Course After re development for Mabank Championship 2016 AS DESCRIBED SUGUMARAN the 30 year experienced caddy at Royal Selangor Golf Club
30 years of caddying at Royal Selangor Golf club
Zero handicapped professional player in PGM tour
Health reason and financial limitation restrict playing nor practicing golf.
With RM 4000  a month earning it is not true what he said about financial limitations .He support a son and  wife who is working to contribute to family expenses

WHY ARE THE MALAYSIAN S ARE NOT RANKING WELL.? HE ANSWERED  MONEY!--NO MONEY ! the one who have  unfortunately...... America dose not give good golf  Malaysia can give  good golf  with enough  money.We have all hear Need money to use 

Health Yes he was sick for five years  or more now appears weak yet manage to play Some golf,  was off the course for years. Yet he plays a good game now raking abut the 40 th in order of merit with only few games played.
He was responding to a question By Damaru Golf on the Course after re development to championship standards
Winner will score somewhere near minus 28 Damaru Golf  Said 30 in relation to the winning score of over -24 at KLGCC. As RSGC is a flat mostly straight hitter course with a shorter yardage with soft conditions allowing Players play under clean place conditions game will be entertaining as they will  run to burn the course.
What are the significant changes- Fairways are narrower. Roughs are taller hence difficult to play Green are good Bunkers are deeper filled with softer sand. Fairway Grass is paspalum-Green are with tiff-eagle probably he said.

Damaru Golf Tech feels minus 30 is possible in this course with no rain. Rain will hold water scoring will be difficult as the ball will not run making the course longer than expected.

on top of the expectation  of  Damaru Golf  Are , Arjun Atwal, Chowrasia from the Asian Tour and there is  quite a pack from the European Tour .Difficult to predict at this stage. As for  locals this is their home club for many, they must do better than the previous games. With Gavin leading the Pack.

How amazing is, the way the aliens play in foreign land in foreign unfamiliar course. Simple logic to answer this is they have, masterd  the game as ONLY TAKE OFF AND LANDING game matter nothing what is in between. As Sugu said even the most intruding branches have been cut  for  clear shot 

knowing the lie(in this case same for all with clean  and  place. flight and landing then selecting the right club knowing 100% (almost) the distance by the club will give!--CLOSE EYES- AND HIT-opportunity.

May the coming days be filled with exciting Golf at Royal Selangor Golf Club

damaru golf the golfers golf

damaru golf by golfers- we sense it

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