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Royal Selangor Golf Course re development & expected winning score @MAYBANK CHAMPIONSHIP MALAYSIA

 Royal Selangor Golf Course  redevelopment & expected winning score @MAYBANK CHAMPIONSHIP MALAYSIA
Mr Low  of RSGC  fluently explained all about the redevelopment of COURSE 

UPGRADED COURSE AT ROYAL SELANGOR GOLF CLUB further to our previous report on the same subject May we add  more please  18-2-2016 at Royal Selangor Golf Club Mabank  Marquee

Mr. Low, a prominent member of the Royal Selangor Golf Club, who spearheaded the redevelopment of the course,  and who was in charge of upgrading the greens, his presentation of the course indicated to Damaru Tech a completely different picture compared to what was said by caddy Sugu yesterday.
The salient features of the renovations are as follows:
1. The upgrading started four years ago, without any anticipation of hosting this major tournament. Their driving force was to give the membership the best possible course the club can give and to be among the best three in Malaysia. The course was designed totally on the concept of testing all possible skills and rewarding the good golfers. Yes, it is a flat course,  but it has some undulations, the trickiest of the them all are the greens with a raised center, the ball will run upon landing and hence it would be extremely difficult without the right skills to stop the ball on the green. Strategic pin placements can make the game very challenging. For instance, today (tournament day one), the pin was placed almost at the center of the green making golfers approaching the green the opportunity of taking the left side of the pin and thus avoiding flying over the pond. The last day probably this pin will be placed with no chance of avoiding the water.
2. The greens are made of Tifeagle grass, cut short and rolled making the ball run even after bad weather.

3. Roughs are taller, very much taller than before. Mr. Low went on to describe that he was playing 14 before the upgrading, after the upgrading his handicap increased to 20. The course is not easy, contradicting the earlier statement by Damaru Golf Tech. According to Mr. Low’s estimate, the winning score at best would be -24 as against Damaru Golf Tech’s prediction of -28 to -30. Scoring Chief earlier made a comment on the course, mentioning that the score would be approximately -24. He was willing to take a huge bet on this. Damaru Golf avoided this by saying let’s have the bet for honor to which he wittily replied, “Is there any honor left in this world?”. Damaru Golf responded saying “There are remnants of honor among folks like us!”. Silently Damaru Golf wished to revise the winning score down to -26. Pardon us for making boldly out-of-bound predictions merely by:
1. Listening to caddy’s stories.
2. The previous experience of playing here by the professional golfers at Damaru, making easy pars on the very first day of the experience. But it was limited to the new 18-hole course. After the redesign, RSGC renamed the two courses by combining the first old course and the second new course. Then game is played as a combination of nines as east and west.

4. Redevelopment costed 26 million ringgit, took one year of planning, three years of construction, making it a four year historical endeavor, wanting to give the best to the golfing members. The immediate result was rewarded with being awarded hosts for the inaugural Maybank Championship Malaysia (MCM). Mr. Low further described the fairways are made with Paspalum grass, however, stronger surviving Bermudagrass has intruded making it a mixed situation in some parts of the course.  He happened to talk to Damaru Golf by accident as he barged in to answer Damaru questions posed to another RSGC senior member and prominent golfer Dr. Pillai. He wouldn’t pass a day without playing golf here at RSGC as he works in an office next to the course. 


The questions by Damaru was why did Siddikur Rahman call for the referee to make a decision about the position of his ball; the ball was lying just outside the green, somewhere between the first-cut collar and the rough as the line of cut was not clear. He wanted an opinion on whether he could get a preferred lie as the game was played on a preferred-lie basis on closely mown areas of the course. Obviously, he wanted the advantage of having a preferred lie opportunity, placing the ball to enable an easy putt. The referee ruled against his wish and confirmed the ball is on the rough which in this case the second was cut surrounding the first-cut collar. The resulting putt was unfortunately not satisfactory.

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